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Thomas & Mochi:

About Thomas & Mochi

Thomas O'Malley, an orange and white tabby, was abandoned in a company parking lot and lived with a feral community for a while before a kind gentleman recognized he was too friendly to humans to actually have been feral. Mochi was abandoned in a small box left on the front of the kennel. She managed to escape the box but the kennel team was able to capture this small, black female feline. Thomas and Mochi first met at AALOC but became instant buddies.

We are so grateful that Diana came to AALOC looking for a bonded pair of cats and chose to take home Thomas O'Malley and Mochi. This darling pair of feline friends now have the home they need and a person to call their own. Based on the photos Diana sent it didn't take this pair very long at all to make themselves comfortable at Diana's house.

Thank you Diana for making dreams come true for these two kitties!

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Breed: Tabby & Domestic Shorthair
Adopted: 01-17-21
Sex: Male & Female

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