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About Oscar

Everyone has suffered in 2020 in one way or another because of the pandemic. One woman became homeless and begin living in her car. Not only did she need to find a safe place for her six dogs, but she was also worried about the feral cats she had been feeding. She pleaded with AALOC to help and we did: Oscar is one of the cats AALOC took in. 

Oscar now has his new forever home. He was adopted by pet parents Helen and Brian and sibling cat Nyse. Although he remained a bit cautious when he first met his new family we know he will be the sweet, funny, outgoing cat with his new family soon.

A recent text from Helen said: "Oscar has emerged, and is doing little exploration trips outside his crate now when we're in there! Even let us give some pets earlier! "

Thank  you Helen, Brian and Nyse for welcoming Oscar into your lives!

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More Information:

Breed: Mackerel tabby
Adopted: 04-05-21
Sex: male

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