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About Mischief

Mother Faith was pregnant and on the street, alone, before she was spotted and scooped up by the AALOC team. What could have been a horrible start to life for Faith’s five kittens (two females and three males) turned into one of the best things that could possibly happen to this feline family.

Mischief is one of Faith’s three male kittens. Mischief is anything but Mischief. He is one big smile packaged in a little grey kitty. Chelsea and Devin were looking for a feline bestie for their existing cat Dodgson and chose Mischief for this important role. 

Thank you Chelsea and Devin for welcoming Mischief into your family. We hope Dodgson and Mischief will be friends for many, many years.

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More Information:

Breed: Domestic shorthair
Adopted: 12-18-20
Sex: male

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