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About Annie

Everyone has suffered in 2020 in one way or another because of the pandemic. One woman became homeless and began living in her car – along with her six small dogs, including two females that were pregnant and soon to give birth. The vehicle did not have air conditioning during the hottest part of the year in Southern California and it was more and more difficult to keep them healthy and fed. Realizing the danger the dogs were in, and with great sadness, she surrendered the dogs to AALOC.

We are happy to report Ladybug, one of the pregnant females, had her litter of four incredibly adorable puppies. Annie was one of the female puppies and she became the best Christmas present Chelsie, her new owner, could get. There was instant karma when they met for the first time and a new cage, a new toy, and a new bed showed how Chelsie had prepared for her new little friend's arrival. And even though Annie was at first a little shy Chelsie sent a note saying Annie's quite spunky for the little bit of fluff that she is. 

Thank you so much for adopting Annie and giving her the love and home she needed Chelsie!

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More Information:

Breed: Terrier mix
Adopted: 12-06-20
Sex: female

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