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Donate to the Family Fur-st Drive Thru Pet Food Pantry

AALOC is helping sponsor pet food for needy families with pets, along with our partners OC Animal Care, SoCal Animal Response Team and Shamrock Rescue Foundation.

8:00am to 10:00am

Food will be distributed from the parking lot of AC Animal Care

1630 Victory Rd, Tustin, CA 92782

Red Hill Avenue and Victory Road

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Animal Assistance League of Orange County's Mission:

Being "no kill" is a philosophy and a commitment, and with it comes greater rewards and greater costs. The bills are higher, the funds deplete quicker, and the work is harder; but at the end of the day, we have the enormous heartfelt satisfaction of knowing that each life has value, and each can count us to be there, even in the hard times.

Some of our rescued dogs and cats have been horribly neglected or severely abused. Animal behaviorists heal those who have suffered at the hands of humans, and guide us as we strive to help each one become more trusting, more secure, and less afraid, so that homes can be found that will never betray or brutalize them again.

Some of our rescues have medical needs which can be lifelong. Veterinary care is expensive and sadness lies in the fact that a fragile life can only be saved if there are enough donations to pay for the care.

The veterinary care for AALOC rescued dogs and cats is the best available and we have always made it clear to the veterinarians caring for our rescues: Do not treat them as if they matter less than someone's pet, because to us, each one matters, each life has value.

Each of our "special needs" dogs or cats deserves better than what they have known in the past, and we promise to make that dream come true.

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