Dog Walking

UPDATE: 3/19/2020

Due to the current coronavirus crisis all AALOC volunteer activities have been suspended until further notice. Thank you for your interest in volunteering at our no-kill rescue/kennel. Stay healthy and we hope to resume our volunteer program soon!

Dog walking can be a truly rewarding experience. Like any other dogs, shelter dogs relate well to humans. They crave that interaction, and with time you will see the excitement in their eyes when they see you coming. 

There are little dog group walks on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday mornings. Every walk includes some cuddle time. Be prepared for kisses and competition for your lap and to meet other volunteers of all ages who share your love for animals.

There is also a Dog Buddy program. You may find after some time walking dogs that you establish a special bond with a particular dog. If you wish to focus on just that dog, with approval he/she will become your buddy. You can take them to the park, home, or on a long drive. You might buy them something special. Your buddy will love whatever you do! 

In order to become a dog walker or dog buddy you must go through a general volunteer orientation. After the orientation you will meet with the kennel manager. This is all about safety.  Our main concern is the well-being of the dogs and your own safety. Minimal age is 18 years and a minimum commitment of 3 months with 4 hours per month is requested.

Complete a volunteer application to apply to walk dogs. We look forward to meeting you!

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