Cat Cuddling

UPDATE: 3/19/2020

Due to the current coronavirus crisis all AALOC volunteer activities have been suspended until further notice. Thank you for your interest in volunteering at our no-kill rescue/kennel. Stay healthy and we hope to resume our volunteer program soon!

We have openings for “Cat Cuddlers”. 

Cat cuddling – basically petting, playing and otherwise giving attention to our shelter cats – can be a rewarding experience, for both you and the cats.  Although different cats react to people differently, most of them really like attention.  Some love to be picked up and held.  Some would love to sit on your lap.  Some love to be petted and scratched, but would rather just be next to you.  Some like to play, some like to investigate anything new.

Most of our cats are in rooms with a handful of other cats – usually 6 to 8 per room.  Sometimes there can be more cats than hands to pet with, but it all works out well.

The more often you visit, the more accustomed to you they’ll become.  Before long you will probably have a particular favorite or two.  You’re always welcome to bring a special toy for your favorites.

In order to become a cat cuddler you must go through a general volunteer orientation.  After the orientation you will meet with the kennel manager.  This is all about safety.  Our main concern is the well-being of the cats and your own safety.  Minimal age is 18 years and a minimum commitment of 3 months with 4 hours per month is requested.

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