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About Bruce

We all know that picking the right neighborhood is very important. Bruce might have been a stray or feral, living on the streets, although he was so sweet and friendly he also might have been previously owned. In any case, at least he choose to live on the streets in AALOC’s neighborhood. AALOC’s team was able to capture him and have him neutered. 

Katie came to AALOC looking for a female cat but fell in love with this handsome orange and white tabby with golden eyes and a pink button nose instead. We know Bruce will be a good companion to Katie and are very confident Katie will give Bruce the love, the life and the home he needed. 

Thank you Katie for choosing one of the cats at AALOC and in particularly for giving Bruce a new start to life this holiday season.

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More Information:

Breed: Orange and white tabby
Adopted: 12-18-20
Sex: male

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